Why are the planter pots so light?

They are made from fibreglass

What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a material used for building yacht hulls, repairing car bodies and the like. It has been used for around 60 years so has stood the test of time. It is a strong, durable and lightweight product.

I want some pots which match the colour of my house. Is this possible?

The pots can be painted any colour you wish. Simply paint them using the same paint your house is painted with.

I like creating my own things. Can I decorate my own pots?

The pots are perfect for that, many customers have talked about their plans for the pots.

If I fill the pots with potting mix they will be too heavy to move. How can I keep them light with plants in them?

Stand something light in the bottom of the planter pot - a plastic pot upside, a length of plastic downpipe or a piece of polystyrene. Keep the plant in it's pot and sit it on top of this. Fill around the outside of all of this with bark to make it look like it is planted in the pot. These are the tricks the plant hire people use.

I live in a windy area. How can I make the pots heavier when planted?

Simply fill the bottom of the pots with metal or place some bricks in the bottom. Then plant as usual.

I live by the sea. Will these pots rust?

Fibreglass willl not rust

The pots do not have holes in them. How will the water get out?

The pots are made without holes as some people want to place them inside on carpet and they have had other pots ruin their carpet. Holes can be drilled with a normal drill. We are happy to do that for you if you wish.


How can I stop my plant getting too big

The Asian cultures have been growing plants in pots for hundreds of years without having to re-pot. Let your plant get to the desired size then trim it a couple of times a year. If your plant is more a palm type specimen try taking it out of it's pot and trimming the roots, also don't forget to trim of f the old branches at the bottom.

We hear many clients saying their plant has gotten too big for the pot. Sometimes the pot is the feature of a patio area. You might like to consider getting a new plant rather than a new pot - it could be a cheaper option.


I would like to use the rectangular planter pots outside my shop, but I need to be able to take them inside at night. How can I do this?

Plant the pots to keep them light - see question above - then you can just carry them inside at night