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Out Deco Team

Out Deco is a company owned by Dawn MacLean and Rae Hooper, who decided to have a change in direction. They left the corporate world behind and went into business. Dawn had lived and worked in Asia for 12 years including 7 years in China. Rae had worked in a government department for 18 years. The concept for Outdeco came from numerous discussions over a few years focussing on the need to make the outside of homes as interesting as the inside. Some call this an outside room but our aim is to provide a broader concept. We want to help you find solutions to those challenging garden and patio spaces, to help you create the right mood for your space and to provide you with something which will make your garden different from the next.

Dawn is based in Auckland and has always had a passion for creating a balance in her living spaces and linking the outdoors with the indoors with colours, pots and plants. Gardening has matured in New Zealand and people are looking for products to make a difference and add atmosphere to their properties, whether it be by the pool, in the garden or to make that BBQ patio area feel quite special.

Rae is based in the Waikato and part owns a Landscape and Maintenance Company with her husband Binty. If you live in the Waikato you may well have seen trucks around with Bintyz Ltd on the side. You will often talk to Rae about invoices etc and Dawn about dispatchment.

We have two collections at present - the Funky Garden Collection and The Light Weight Pots which come in a variety of collections. These pots are made of fibreglass so even the taller ones which are over a metre high can easily be moved by one person. They have the same durability as a fibreglass boat. The Glossy Collection pots have the same finish as a car and can be polished the same way to keep their shine. The light weight water features appeal to people who like to create a special atmosphere on their patio by hearing the sound of running water.


Well it is now just over 2 years since we started trading as OUT DECO Ltd and this has taken us from one end of the country to the other to introduce you all to OUT DECO and our wonderful products. From a couple of women who left the corporate world we have now learned a totally new set of skilLs that I am sure some of you can relate to. We have learned that having a 'Website Business' is not magic with people appearing from nowhere - somehow you have to let them know you exist. Here are just a few skills we have learned along the way - Driving trucks, towing and backing big trailers, putting up Gazebos, battling high winds and torrential rain to name just a few. One can't forget getting up at 4:30am for the Martinborough fair. But it has all been worth it. We have survived the recession, in fact we have grown considerably through that period. Most of all it has been a great experience and we have loved meeting and talking with all the people we have met along the way.


We are trying to put together a picture libarary of some of the shows we have done along the way, which you might recognise. We have gotten better at setting up displays, as you will see, but it would be great to have feedback as to anything you might like us to change or do before a show. We are now starting to advertise before most events that we attend to let you know we are there so we would love to know what publications you read and which you think would be useful for us to be in.


We have got used to working a website and are getting better at sending out newsletters more frequently. If for any reason you have problems using the website please ring us on 0800 55 88 89 0800 55 88 89 . We need to hear about the problem and with the toll free number you can contact us from anywhere.